Race HIstory

The Jock River Race saw its beginning in 1971 as a whitewater race on the lower Jock River. Starting the first year with modest participation, the race quickly grew into one of the more popular races in the province of Ontario. In the year 2000, the race had moved to its current location on the calmer waters of the upper Jock.

In recent years, participant numbers have ranged between 85 – 140 canoes and kayaks with over 200 paddlers taking part in last year’s event! The majority of entries fall into the recreational boat category with a few competitive racing C1s and C2s known to start their season off on the Jock River. Also included are Parent/Child and Family categories to encourage participation of younger racers to help the sport grow within the next generation of paddlers.

The Jock River Race was formerly sponsored by the Township of Goulbourn (See 1971 meeting minutes here) until its amalgamation with Ottawa in 2000, and by the City until 2003. Since 2003, the race has been organized by local enthusiasts and supported by the generosity of local businesses.

This year’s event is scheduled to take place on again in April to once again kick off the “Rite of Spring”. We hope to see you there!